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New Masjid Location

Nestled in a 1.02 acre site, blocks away from the major highway, retail sector and subdivisions, schools, hospital and major shopping mall; the Islamic Centre of Gunn Highway is located in an optimum position to spread the daawah to Muslim and Non-Muslim residents in the vicinity and become an integral component of the surrounding communities.

 Benefits of the new Islamic Centre and the Masjid:
				- Approx 5,000 square feet new masjid 
				- Library / Computer Room 
				- Teaching Room 
				- Office / Consultation (Mashoorah) Room 
				- Full service kitchen 
				- Men and women full service wudu, WC and shower facility 
				- Courtyard and gallery for Ramadan gatherings 
				- 60 foot minaret that will  be visible from all major streets and expressways 
				- Ample parking 
				The land has been acquisitioned and all necessary permits for construction are nearly completed.